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Pricing and Service Information

General price structure for custom created home construction plans please email for pricing of finished square foot. All plans are created with Autocad (a computer aided designing program) and all plans will conform to International Residential Codes.

Plans to include:

  • Elevation page with Front, Rear and side views.
  • Foundation plan with electrical & plumbing locations.
  • Main floor plan with plumbing locations.
  • Main floor electrical plan.
  • If plan has more than 1 story, additional floor plans will be create, as in 2nd level floor plans etc.
  • Detail page with:
    Wall sec., Cabinet elevations, Stair sec., Rod & Bolt schedule, General notes on construction, any other special detail will be included as, Cantilever sec. Fireplace detail, etc. ex. Detail page
  • All floor plans to have standard dimensions included.

Plans to be printed on 18" X 24" media or 24" X 36" media as necessary.
Plans will come complete with all necessary details, and will comply with International Residential Codes, ready to be submitted for construction bids and building permits

Other Services:

  • Plot plan
  • Site Survey

Besides your construction plans you will need a plot plan which shows your proposed home situated on the land that you plan to build on, showing all required set backs with dimensions.

We can supply this plot plan for an additional $75.00.

You will need a site survey of the land before the plot plan can be drawn. This will have to be completed by a Surveyor. Ask your surveyor to place the minutes and degrees on the site survey. This information will be used to complete an accurate plot plan to be submitted with your construction plans.


    Drawings needed to obtain a building permit:
  • Construction plans
  • Site Survey
  • Plot plan

Additions to existing homes and other designs... design price to be negotiated.


NOTE: Designer is not an architect or engineer.
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