Example of Flexicore Construction
Flexicore Sec. Drawing by AA Design Home Plan Services 

What is flexicore?

The flexicore deck is made up of hollow core fully prestressed precast concrete slabs. The slabs are pretensioned with high strength steel strand (250,000 psi min.) providing the tensile strength to carry greater loads over longer spans.

What size flexicore is available and how far can it span?

Flexicore comes in 2' or 4' wide slabs and are available in the sizes shown below.Flexicore sizes and span information Spans can be up to 28’-0" with an 8" slab, 35’-0" with a 10" slab and 45’-0" with a 12" slab.

What size foundation wall is needed for a garage?

A typical garage requires no more than standard foundation wall dimensions based on your local codes. For more unusual conditions you may need to contact your architect, engineer or general contractor.
Information obtained from Mid-States Concrete Products Co.